Posts that include or are solely copied and pasted material.

Some posts are simply sections of copied and pasted text from stories elsewhere online.

Often, these posts do not include any discussion by the poster, relevant to the posted material or the thread and are simply a copy and paste of other peoples material. Sometimes these copy and paste posts are attributed to the source via a web link and sometimes they are not.

All posts that have as a component, some copied and pasted material, will now need to be a part of a discussion in the post. No more simple copy and pastes without your own discussion or points raised in your own words as a part of the thread topic.

All material that is copied and pasted and forms a part of a discussion will also need a web reference from where it came so we can go read the full material if we want to.

If you put up a post with copied and pasted material without a discussion around it, and without any web link reference it will be deleted.

If you repeatedly post such posts, the mod team will come calling. If you continue to post such posts after the moderators have discussed this issue with you, infractions will follow.