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Thread: BM2 Bluetooth Battery Voltage Monitors

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    Quote Originally Posted by drivesafe View Post
    Hi folks and an update.

    I have had quite a few people asking about the QUICKLYNKS BM2 Battery Monitors and I am now making them available to all and I have changed the info above.

    If you are purchasing them when purchasing one of my isolators or any Dual Battery kits, they are now discounted to $33 per unit.

    If you are just after the BM2, they are now $40 each, including free post.

    does the discount apply to people who bought your dual battery kit years ago....?


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    Not connecting

    Bought three units off ebay

    galaxyS10. Android 9. 4.9 pie. Bluetooth 5.

    units ask for Bluetooth pairing code, none on instructions, guessed it, 000000.

    unit pairs with phone

    BM2 app. Monitor will not connect with phone

    BM3 app. As above.

    cleared all paired devices cleared Bluetooth data and cache rebooted phone and tried a clean connection. Same issue. No connection to paired device.

    guessing software compatability issue.

    Anyone else?

    BM2 works fine on iPad mini-plug n play as advertised, confirms android issue!
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    BM2 App won't work on my Galaxy Note, but works on an OPPO phone and a newer Galaxy tab A.
    I was using the AEG App, which is almost the same as the BM2 and I was happy with the results.
    You shouldn't need to muck about pairing from the phone settings/Bluetooth menu, it just picks up the module and you select it by a hexadecimal number. But as the range is only 10m or so, that is not a problem.
    You can give the module a nickname if you prefer to have an easy identification.

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