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Thread: Some how it's our fault that customer provides wrong address . Go figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roverlord off road spares View Post
    We today was the expiry date to close the case and ebay awarded us the case. The buyer however doesn't care what ebay says, she is getting statuary declarations made that she never received the item. Seems she won't give up for her lack of responsibility. And she says that she had cancelled her paypal account 12 months ago, seems odd since she made the payment via paypal. She is inflating the amount she reckons she paid. I think this person may need medical help. Sadly We have blocked her from further purchases.
    Sounds like you did the right thing blocking her mate.
    Either a scammer or someone needing some help like you said.
    Not your job!

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    People on ebay are ridiculous. Only negative feedback i got was from i had an engine for sale on gumtree and ebay someone bought it from on gumtree then before i could pull the ad down on ebay somebody bought it on there.
    Told him it was sold already explained i didnt get the chance to take ad off so he left me negative feedback, Ebay wouldn't remove it either.

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