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Thread: LLAMS throttle closer for TDV6/SDV6/TDV8/SDV8 - runaway protection

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    LLAMS throttle closer for TDV6/SDV6/TDV8/SDV8 - runaway protection

    For those who are concerned at the possibility of engine runaway from a blown turbo seal, this is a small module that gets wired into the throttle butterfly motor circuit (2 for the 3.6 TDV8) to close the butterfly for 15 seconds every time the ignition is switched off. Fitting the kit may void warranty due to the need to cut and splice into the 2 throttle motor wires. The initial modules are fitted with soldered links to configure the module for the throttle motors on a TD/SD V6 or TD/SD V8 engine. If the batch of original pcbs looks like being used then another batch will be produced which will be fitted with configuration DIP switches.

    The kit requires hard-wiring - it is not a plug-in kit. The kit is being provided, at least initially, for $30 including GST plus $10 postage in Australia paid by EFT, with postage to other countries provided upon request. Note that 3.6 TDV8 engines require 2 kits but only 1 postage cost.

    This kit has NOT been tested on a high-revving engine as a good turbo might get damaged. However my 4.4 TDV8 stopped quite abruptly when switched off from 2000 rpm on light throttle, not that I'm accustomed to doing this.

    Here are the initial fitting instructions.
    Throttle closer installation.pdf
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    Thanks Graeme. Thatís cheap insurance. Iíll take a 3.6 kit.
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