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Thread: 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goingbush View Post
    The inbuilt BMS in a Lithium battery should stop the cells charging when they are full , and should stop them discharging when they are low , The battery does not need float charge so wont accept it.

    IMO no special charger is needed, just hook it up to whatever was charging your old lead battery. no dramas.
    Hi goingbush, unfortunately itís not quite that simple.

    First off, you need to make sure the battery charger setting does not allow the chargerís voltage to rise above 14.8v, which they can do, when charging wet cell batteries.

    If the voltage rises above 14.8v, the lithium batteryís BMS will shutdown, and the battery will not charge. No harm done, but the battery may take quite a long time to charge.

    Another more common problem with lithium battery BMS operation is that if the battery is discharged low enough for the BMS to shutdown and there is no voltage at the battery terminals, there is now a problem that most battery chargers need a minimum of 7v volts at the battery or the battery charge will not start charging.

    By using a battery charger in power supply mode, both of these problems are avoided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drivesafe View Post
    Hi Ian, and most new DC/DC devices now have a Lithium Battery Charge setting, but even with older devices, if you set it to GEL you can safely charge any lithium battery.

    I am in the process of testing charge cycles using the POWER SUPPLY mode, instead of the charger mode.

    This is based on some very interesting data put out by one the American lithium battery gurus.

    It will take me quite a few weeks to see what the results are and I will post them up here when done.

    The dc dc charger i have is automatic. Which battery do you think it would select ?

    Ian Bittern

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