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Thread: Easy reverse camera integration for 2010-2011MY D4 & RRS

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    Easy reverse camera integration for 2010-2011MY D4 & RRS

    Hello All,

    One of the new products i've put together is a reverse camera adaptor harness, to allow you to connect a factory reverse camera, or any NTSC camera, to the touchscreen in the 2010-2011MY Disco 4 and Range Rover Sport.

    The camera function needs to be enabled in the CCF, using a Nanocom, IID, AutoLogic, etc... then using this adaptor, you simply plug in the camera, and you have reverse camera functionality, like a factory camera.


    These adaptors are produced by me, on my dining room table, you cannot buy them from Land Rover, they are not sourced from anyone else.
    An instruction sheet is included, explaining how to wire up the camera correctly (from ign switched power, not the reverse light!) and which settings in the CCF to change.

    They are on eBay for $55 Land Rover Discovery 4, Range Rover Sport, Reverse Camera Adaptor Harness | eBay but that is an inflated price to cover the eBay & PayPal fees. Camera not included in that listing.

    Contact me directly for a better price, or buy on eBay if you like.

    If you are in Sydney I can take care of the complete installation, also supply a good quality camera from my stock, and do the programming for you as well.

    This only works with the 2010-2011MY VN navigation system, not with the earlier cars, not if you have the small screen (non-touch).

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    Saw this on your thread on Performance Forums. The work you do is of astounding quality, from what I have seen I can't recommend you highly enough.
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