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Thread: LLAMS for L663 Defender

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    LLAMS for L663 Defender

    LLAMS kits are now available for the L663 Defender. The kits differ from the L405/L494 kits in that the switch lead is substantially longer and an extension lead is supplied to fit between the LLAMS loom and the LLAMS module to allow the module to be located in a more accessible spot than next to the suspension module. The module will be supplied with HIGH pre-calibrated at +60mm but can be OR2 height as a calibration option and an alternate LOW calibration is also available as a calibration option. These options are identical to those available for the L405 RR and L462 Discovery (D5). The RRP is $605, being $11 more than the RRP of the other similar kits due to the additional cost of the module extension lead. Davis Performance Landys will have 2 kits in a couple of days.

    Note that while the module extension lead may appear to be a VGA/SVGA cable, a VGA/SVGA cable must not be used. The supplied cable has all 15 wires connected 1:1 without any cross-over or common wires.
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    Great work Graeme.
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