CEM has a strong following with AULRO members and some of you will be aware of the fuel efficiency benefits of our FTC Decarbonizer (Combustion Catalyst), and our involvement with the mining industry.

With a long history of scientific validation by numerous independent, government recognised, testing authorities, the science behind FTC is absolutely indisputable, and it presents THE most important opportunity to cut Australia's carbon emissionsÖright now. We canít afford to just wait for the transition to alternative fuels.

To put this into perspective, electric cars might seem sexy, but they've only saved some 21,000 T CO2, in Australia in their 10 years to 2020 (using official stats).
By comparison, FTC has saved well in excess of 300,000 T in Australia in some 30 years (over 100,000T of that through CEM efforts alone).

In one of the independent tests conducted, the Australian government funded a $1 million study, through the University of WA facilities, which clearly validated important carbon reduction benefits and fuel savings using the FTC/FPC product. (ARC LP0989368 Summary file is attached)
So, the Australian Government knows it works, but have done nothing with it to date!!

CEM commissioned Brisbane City Councilís Emissions Testing Centre to perform the DT80 test (simulated city driving on a dynamometer) on a brand-new diesel vehicle. It achieved 4.7% overall saving and 7.8% at 80kph cruise. Likewise, BCC know it works, but have done nothing with it!!

The just-released IPCC report on Climate Change stresses that even stronger, and more urgent action is needed immediately! Clearly, we have a moral obligation to promote this opportunity as hard as we can. Itís a HUGE job, so if anyone can pass our information onto fleet owners, managers in particular, but of course also anyone interested in cutting their own carbon emissions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Two years ago, CEM purchased the patents and rights and itís now manufactured here in Brisbane. Itís a unique product and not available to fuel companies or sources outside our distribution network. Weíve met with numerous Queensland, federal and local members recently and received very strong interest, but thereís a lot more to do.
ARC LP0989368 - Summary Report (Final 10-4-2014).pdf


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