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Thread: The Verandah Guidelines

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    The Verandah Guidelines

    The Verandah Guidelines - Please Read before Posting!

    Welcome to The Verandah section of AULRO. If this is your first visit to this section, please take a moment to read through these guidelines for this section.

    This section is specifically for Vendors to post new products, services, announcements, group buys, quick specials, or anything else that AULRO visitors might be interested in and to encourage more interaction of Vendors within the AULRO community. There is a subscription fee payable for Vendor access to the system and all monies are used to help maintain AULRO.

    1) Only "Vendor" accounts have permission to create new threads in this section, however, once a thread has been created here, any registered user may participate in the thread. Other than being able to create new threads in this section, there is no difference between Vendor and Registered accounts and can interact in the rest of the Community normally.

    2) Everyone, please remember to respect the constructive input of both AULRO members and Vendors. Debates, cross discussions, and disagreements are bound to happen and will need to be carried out respectfully.

    4) "Trolling", "Flaming", and/or attacks on Vendors will not be tolerated, but Vendors by the same token are expected to reply to the "tough" questions if presented.

    5) Vendors are encouraged to fully participate in the rest of the AULRO forumss if they choice too, but hi-jacking or spamming of threads is not allowed. Please do not post or distribute any forms of solicitation outside of "The Verandah" except if directly responding to a request you can assist with. Vendors are free to advertise what ever Land Rover related material they wish to promote inside The Verandah.

    6) The building of mailing lists, mass mailing, or spamming from, or through, this forum is prohibited and any reports of suspected violation will be fully investigated.

    8) Vendors, any questions you might have regarding this section, please feel free to drop an admin an email or PM.

    Payment of Vendor Subscription Options

    Via the built in subscription menu (fastest option!)

    Direct deposit details

    Bank is Westpac Banking Corp.
    Branch is Caboolture
    Account name is Dave Blears
    BSB is 034611 (some banks may require 034-611)
    Account Number is 163373

    please use your username as a reference thanks

    or via the secure online shop
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