There was more to her than Balaclava and Scutari Hospital. Much more. The fascinating life of a driven, but selfless and unassuming legend.

Mark Bostridge, author of the biography
Florence Nightingale
, attributes much of the controversy to Nightingale’s defiance of Victorian conventions. “We are very uncomfortable still with an intellectually powerful woman whose primary aim has nothing to do with men or family,” Bostridge told me. “I think misogyny has a lot to do with it.”

She originated the concept that soldiers injured in war should be considered “neutral” and that they and their caregivers should be accorded protection on the battlefield. That ethic would become central to the International Committee of the Red Cross, founded in Geneva in 1863.

And last but not least, in the World of Facebook and LOL and WTF, would we ever get sentences like this, like music to the ears.
“That Englishwoman whose name shall never die but sound like music on the lips of men until the end of doom.”

Florence Nightingale: Reimagining the Famous Nurse

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