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Thread: Soldering iron

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    The SCOPE

    They come from Warren and Brown in Melbourne. Spares through Radio Parts Group, plus others.

    I have around six of them, plus the transformers.

    Found quite a few at garage sales and tip shops.

    Replacing the speial heavy duty cable going to the iron, when required is the hard bit.

    Great for most auto work, plus work on any valve radios and other gear of that sizing.

    Min-Scope good for the tighter spaces.

    Pro level gas irons very good too, plus a few more options - component stress heat checks, heatshrinking when no mains avail for the heat gun.

    But I love the Scope.

    OK, for the electronics work of today's design, the small pencil and mini chisel tip irons are the go.

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    Ive been looking for a 3.3V scope for years , I had one in my teens and loved it, but I have no idea where it is now or how I lost track of it . Rovers4 - you don't want to let one go do you (complete with transformer)

    Ive found myself assembling a lot of PCB boards lately, got a little production line going making Arduino powered diff lock computers for the Iveco 4x4's . found my weller was not up to the task so lashed out $200 on a HAKKO FX888 , a great little iron, far .

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    The good old Scope is a bit of an overkill for your work. A 60w iron sounds better for the heavier bits, a 25w would be still a lot for the lighter joints.

    So your investment is probably right.

    The post cost alone prevents a sale. Cheaper to buy a new item, or look on gumtree locally.

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