As my father-in-law becomes less active I've had to load up my trailer with things he isn't going to use any more.
Some of the items he's made to overcome problems or he's adapted over the years as the usage changes. A lot made from whatever was available at the time.

Welding bench

DSCN4533 by Colin Radley, on Flickr

Lawnmower wheels, car jack to raise & lower, lots of brackets and bits welded on for goodness knows what.
Swing up handles for moving.


DSCN4597 by Colin Radley, on Flickr

DSCN4598 by Colin Radley, on Flickr

He made a storage system for his Suzuki Jimney and this was used to install & uninstall it. Too heavy on his own so made a forklift from scrap and another car jack.

This is being scrapped if anyone is interested.

Car Trailer

He had a trailer made to tow the Jimney behind his motor home.
Had a look the other day. Pulley in the middle so you can put the winch wire round it and pull the trailer forward.
Solar panels on a frame above the car. Bracket so that the winch could be hooked up to lower it for maintenance.

Series I

As a young bloke he owned a Series I which got modified over the years.

Scan10147 by Colin Radley, on Flickr

At one point he had a sluice box in the back and he used to back it into the Goulburn when he was digging for gold.

He's like me and has stuff he's hoarded for years so some of it has to go to the tip.
This welder is older than he is.....
DSCN4599 by Colin Radley, on Flickr

Ever the practical man he's getting a bit depressed now he's less active. He's in his 80's and I guess it gets us all in the end.