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Thread: Wire terminal Crimper recommendation

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoClax View Post
    Pfft. I think you are all wrong. THIS is clearly the way to join wires. Note the extra reinforcing structural wire twists for added durability.

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    I overhauled a dual battery system in someone else's vehicle as a favour a while ago. The main feed to the second battery (in the tray) involved three individual pieces of random, miss-matched (small gauge) wire series-joined together and this little beauty hidden under a few wraps of electrical tape in the engine bay... Owner was really resistant to "wasting" a length of 16mm2 double-insulated wire I had on hand and using "new-fangled" crimp connections and glue-lined heat-shrink for end-connections. Wanted to solder it properly, like he did last time... And reuse the old wire. To this day he reckons I "overkilled" it and what was there was fine and not contributing to his fridge-running issues at all..
    That bloke is certainly a soldering 'Artiste' I think we could all learn a lot from him. What not to do! What a mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozscott View Post
    For future joints I might try hydraulic crimping

    Try it... you'll LIKE it. There is something pleasurable and satisfying about a nice hydraulic crimp. So fast and easy and neat... Almost a bit like a well machined ... anything
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