Yeah, those annoying wheel nut covers that a lot of folks love to hate(when they go wrong).
Best tool mod ever!

back story: been out of work for a few months now. $s have been hard to come by due to everything just not coming together as expected.(hopefully will be back in work very soon tho).

Anyhow, built my shed, and have been slowly knocking up the side doors/gates to fully seal the shed(but noting that $s are scarce at the moment).

So I busted my ancient Ryobi One drill. I estimate I've had it since about 2006 at the latest, it's done a fair amount of work, I regularly abuse it but this time around I finally busted it.
Had a 6mm flat steel to drill 12mm holes into, as as usual bodged the location by a mil or two, so went a little lateral to compensate, and the drill head busted clean off.
It's plastic. A long snout with a large thread holds the chuck in place hidden behind the clutch adjusting collar.
As you adjust the clutch, a large nut turns on the threaded nose compressing a spring which adds tension to the clutch .. more tension -> less clutch eventually locking up to provide drilling ability.
The nose is part of the gearbox casing .. all plastic(as expected), but sturdy plastic. 13 years of abuse tho too it's toll, and it finally busted.
Low $ count for now, so had to repair or cease drilling duties on shed(and I still have lots to do).

So enter the LR (D2) stainless chrome wheel nut coverpic should be below).

Needed to secure the large threaded nose back onto the gearbox case so it could hold the chuck properly in it's place.
Tried a couple of shots of JB weld. No1 useless, No2 shot added lots more, but too much and couldn't get gearbox back together again ... so had to trim excess JB weld to rebuild.
Held for a good minute or two, till the 13mm bit hit the 6mm flat and ... it got the wobbles again.

So had a smoko, had a bit of a think on how to secure the nose back more securely.
As I have screwing and bolt driving tools, I only needed a drill .. so the clutch wasn't a feature I needed.. just a solid drill, like the old days(of clutchless drills).
Popped bonnet of my part D2, got a couple of wheel nut covers loose in the engine bay there .. looked like it'd fit, so was secured for the job.

Didn't initially fit straight up, but a 24mm socket jammed through the nut cover made sure it did.
The strength and slimness of the nut cover was what I needed. Not a lot of room in the drill head to allow much else .. and I literally had nothing else I could think of to do the job.

Cut closed cap end off nut cover to make it a tube, trim off excess skirt off the flanged section(to make flat), beat flange a lot to make really flat trim a little to fit into drill head.
Now I have the very thin flanged tube I needed to secure the broken plastic nose on the drill.
Problem tho is how to drill steel, when A] your drill is busted .. and B] the drill itself is what also needed to be drilled. Self drilling drills don't exist! .. Whoa! self drilling .. got lots of them self drilling screws and nuts, just used literally thousands of them on my newly built shed!
Yes, I have a driver(Ryobi too) and no, I don't need to buy driver drill bits.

So, enter the self drilling screw used to drill the drill to secure the screws used to fix the broken bits on the tools needed to continue making the new things!


My hybrid LR - Ryobi One - D2 lug nut - drill!

the threaded nose that hold the drill together.

Without it secured to the front of the gearbox, no drill!

A large nut is rotated on it as you turn the clutch. A spring sits between nut and the visible screws. Without the spring you get the lowest clutch setting and lots of DRRRRRRR .. and zero drilling power.
Spring pushes nose of gearbox out! .. so had to go.
Note that the nose isn't yet secured. Only held into it's location by the 'interference fit' of the D2 nut cover. Self drilling screw-created side holes in the nut cover are for securing the nose on properly at a later time.
Wanted to be sure it aligned up properly from bearing to bearing on the chuck shaft before securing.
It's working, so don't mod the mod whilst the drill is working.

Does it work .. two days now, 12 x 13mm holes, 6 into 6mm flat .. but I gave up on using the pieces of 6mm flat, chucked the misaligned strip out .. going to 3mm flat .. much easier on the bits too.
Have done 6 x 18mm holes(step bits) into the shed columns too.

Only problem: I think I used screws just a tad too long, and they must be jamming the gearbox/gears up a little. Drill gets hot in use now(under pressure).

Anyhow! .. hope this one gave you a bit of a chuckle it gave me(once it actually worked!)