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Thread: Antique Carpenters brace

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    Twin engine, and the lower one needs the wings off to remove it.
    Not easy to service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4bee View Post
    Mmmmmmm, not necessarily, Colin. Remember the Morse Taper drill bits? They were held in purely by friction of the taper & I suppose the upwards pressure from the work piece & they were, in my experience, driven faster than you ever could with a brace & the largest I ever used was for drilling Compressor parts, & would have been about 3/4" diam.

    I'm not sure now whether was a square-ish top end to the drill though. Too any years have passed me by for that detail.

    Ah, Google tells me there was. Bugger!
    Morse taper shank drills and reamers are standard engineering tools. Drills are available up to 4" diameter. A 4" MT drill is a big and expensive lump of metal. Usually High Speed Steel or Cobalt High Speed Steel. MT drills are used in lathes, drill presses, milling machines, radial arm drills and many other machine tools. If the shank and socket are in good order and the drill is given a bit of a tap upwards with a soft hammer when mounting there is no slip. I have drills up to 1" in my shop.

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