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Thread: Hickory handles?

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    Thanks for the thread guys.

    Just realised I hadn't seen my tomahawk for a while.

    Now I will go and do a search for it.

    I carry a full size's grandma's axe actually , but rarely use it.

    Come to think of it the tomahawk might be grampas'

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    Quote Originally Posted by travelrover View Post
    Thanks Don

    Unfortunately the second link wonít open. I wrote to the manufacturer who actually responded. They sold that part of the business to Snap On in 1999. They provided a link and there is an agent only 20kms from me. Iíll drop in there next time Iím in the area and see what they have.

    Cheers - Simon
    I couldn't open that link either, but I knew the info was in it. I'm glad to have been of assistance. And on the subject of hickory handles, I recently bought a cheap shovel from a very large green hardware chain. It was about $14.00, and is almost an exact copy of my old Ridgid No2 plumbers shovel. When I used it at volunteer tree planting gig, the Forester/tree expert identified the handle as being hickory. I never knew the Chinese grew hickory.

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