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Thread: Need a mitre saw for skirting, architrave etc.

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    Just remember if you do stuff it up there's products like Selleys "NO MORE SKILLS" aka no more gaps

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    I bought my Workzone mitre saw from Aldi about 10 years ago when it was on special , dose everything I need to do & has had plenty of use building the quilting shed & deck for my wife. It has a good deep cut & good length slide It also has a lazer light . I also bought a folding stand for it from them as well.

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    If it's just a one off job with only a hundred cuts or so........... get a hand held with hardened teeth. (you can tell by the band of colour).

    Take your time, support the work piece fore and aft and clamp or screw the saw frame down and all the cuts will be good.

    The previous to latest generation of Makita saws, like mine (2000 ish?), are incredibly accurate. That's why I didn't update to the later version with a different slide mechanism, it had too much play.


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    Hi guys, just my 2c worth. Architraves should be mitred but skirtings should be scribed as has been suggested. This is because if you get any movement in the corners of the room, a mitred skirting will tend to open, hence you loo into an open joint. With a scribed joint, any movement will not be as visual. This is more important with clear finish.
    I hope this is of some help. Also Mikita make a smaller 71/4 compound miter saw which will cut 300mm, it will cut 45 or more side to side but only drop to 45 one way. I have never found this a problem. If you have other Mikita battery tools, you can get this saw in 18v battery form.

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    An update on this by way of acknowledgement to those who offered advice...which was much appreciated...I found I was unable to obtain either a quality hand mitre saw or a mid-range power mitre saw locally, seems the lockdown had every man and his dog doing projects at home, I could either buy rubbish or spend $800+ so I decided to make a start by roughing the angles with an old plastic mitre box and hand saw, then trimming with my 300mm disc sander. I'd only done a few this way when my painter offered to loan me a little Ryobi saw, so I rough cut with that and finished with the disc sander which can give me very precise compound angles. I scribed all the internal corners. None of the external corners are anything like 90 degrees but I was able to get a nice crisp mitre on all of them so am very happy. Thanks again to those who shared their knowledge, this is a job that is a little different for me so it was very helpful.
    A pic of the disc sander for the curious; I built it last year primarily for pattern making but it has proven very handy.
    nearly finished 4.jpgnearly finished 2.jpg

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