Hello All,

I was browsing in eBay and came across the KENOVO DuraTrax GSH204 Garage Storage system. Has anyone else bought one? Did it live up to your expectations?

I have cleared a side wall in my shed to hang garden tools. Things like: shovels, rakes, crow bars, sledge hammers, garden forks, mattocks, hoes, and picks ... brush cutter.

I had a look in that hardware store that starts with "B" to see what sort of hooks were available for storing garden tools.

In the past I have used large nails hammered into hard wood rails. Holes are then drilled through tool handles. The hole allows the tool to handle slide on to the fixed nail. I have also tried, lengths of insulated wire that with a loop on one end that goes over things like rake handles. The other end of the wire is fixed to the wall. Each of these styles of storage had their issues.

I thought I might try to step things up a little bit better. Would the Kenovo DuraTrax or some similar system be worth the money to buy?

Kind regards