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Thread: Chain Saw blade sharpener

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickman View Post
    I recommend one of these

    2-in-1 File Holder -

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    This Stihl tool is foolproof, trims Rakers and Cutting teeth at the same time so you don't mess up the design characteristics and ruin the chain. It has guide lines to get the correct holding angle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 350RRC View Post
    I looked into the same chains for the larger saw I have and the local saw joint quoted around $180 to sharpen it from memory.

    Going to a TC chain for me involved going down to a 18" bar and fitting a rim drive to my MS310 . Local Stihl shop charges 15 bucks to sharpen. It usually lasts a season of cutting, around 15 cu metres provided you keep it out of the dirt and don't hit rocks. I've just put in an 84 DL 3/8 .063 in to be sharpened . The local boys did say some places charge heaps to sharpen TC chains, trying to get a return on their expensive diamond sharpeners!

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