When I got all the running gear with the AL KO axles, they sold me some expensive electric/hydraulic control unit that is supposed to lock on the brakes for up half an hour if it detaches.
And the AL KO brake units (evidently) come with attached hand brake set up.
A mate tells me that the servo unit is also useful if trailer starts to "sway", in that you can use the cabin controller to apply the brakes to stop the sway.
Got the hitch delivered already.....what did we do before the internet? (I'm over 1650 k's from the sellers and the makers, so impossible without the net.
We have the NBN here...... (NO B!@#dy Network)

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Nice hitch......

I also had elec over hydraulic brakes however Disco 1 calipers donít have the provision for cable hand brake, Iím assuming the alco calipers do??

I installed a inline Ball valve and a button to activate the hydraulic pump on the draw bar as my handbrake. Same setup as Kimberly Kampers use. Had wheel chockís just in case but the hand brakes never really lost pressure.

Either way I believe handbrakes are only recommended I.e. not mandatory.