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Thread: Homestar's new home?

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    Ok, finished one side of the bed off. Not 100% happy but it's ok. The carpet I'm happy with - it's almost an exact match for the original - same style but just a shade or two lighter, so all good there, I think it looks fine. The gold trim I used at the top edge on the wall is a bit thick for my liking but beggars can't be choosers - I needed 3 decent lengths so had to go with what's available these days - looks ok. The bottom cupboard bit will get a curtain hung in it as well I think which will help break up the beigeness (is that a word? 😁 ) of the area.

    Untitled by Gavin Gregory, on Flickr

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    To be quite honest the work that you have done looks better than the original finish.
    Looks Great, Well done Mate
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