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Thread: rebuild on an early 70's camper. I call her Boat.

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    Keep posting as you go, I love these little campers, there was one for sale near me but I missed it.
    Its always good to see what some of the great little Australians companies have produced over the years, will outlast some of the modern rubbish.



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    I am keen to follow the progress on the 'boat' mate. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by janddbone View Post
    I am keen to follow the progress on the 'boat' mate. Cheers.
    I have been a little sidetracked lately (another project 60s caravan)
    Did make a new chassis for it using most of the old frame and some new material. Raised her up quite a bit higher to suit my raised disco.
    Front spring hanger can be seen in the pic below. Not a great pic but its 8mm side plate and 3mm thick box section making up the stand. All welded so very strong unlike what it had before.

    IMG_20180831_112941.jpgVersus the old one 20180801_144015.jpg

    I need to paint the chassis in the next few days so will get pics then. Still a few more things i need to fabricate first before then.

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    Decided i wanted a rear bar on the camper. A better one than the precious silly thing. One that can withstand being reversed into things. (Wife will be reversing it!!)
    So got started today but did not do much. Just got a shape i want...... or dont want...... im really unsure yet. Just welding stuff for the sake of welding it i think.

    IMG_20180923_121713[1].jpg Just cut pies out basically and then bent and welded not that anyone here cares about that process.

    IMG_20180923_143129[1].jpg Enough cuts and you end up with a result like that. Its the same width as the camper and the same height as the fibreglass component.
    Not sure what i plan to do beyond this. Perhaps sheet metal backing and then fit lights etc to it, really not sure yet, just winging it basically.

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    Been stuck on this job for a while. Unable to really progress as i needed a few things first.

    Specifically a fridge so i can recess it into the floor so it fits nicely. I have been umming and aaring for weeks as to what to buy and how much to spend.

    Well fridge just arrived I love getting things delivered.

    So now i have the fridge, got a new floor waiting to go in and a heap of new lino ready to be laid down.

    Also got 60 metres of framing wood ready to get motivated building the cupboards and seats.

    Today will be a busy day in the shed for sure.

    Some are going to ask what fridge i got........ cringe time!!


    42 litres and cost $360. I went the cheap option i know! Money is not my friend.

    Horrible brand? Dunno i have a welder branded with Mishto and i cant fault it! Literally cant fault it and i put a lot of work through it.

    Time will tell ultimately. It does come with a 12 month warranty.

    Main reason i purchased this unit is the size, position of controls and lid. Because i want it to be tightly fitted into my camper i was rather specific in what i wanted.

    Interestingly and not related i just opened the lid of the thing now and it slammed into my temple. Now got a big lump there lol. Ominous start.

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    Ok put a new floor in today and are fitting new lino to the base. Boring i know. Just trying to weight out the wrinkles but may take some heat also during gluing. Currently just sitting there to settle.

    You can sort of see how i recessed the floor to suit the fridge. Keep in mind everything has to be below the upper fibreglass line as thats where the beds slide.....
    Fridge will be a pop up thing, Hard to explain as i dont even know myself how it will work yet lol.


    Also added a little stove as a slide out thing under the boat. Chassis sits 600mm high so i do have some luxury to fit stuff under it.... sort of.
    Thats the frame below. Primitive i know but hey it is what it is. It functions. Has 4 wheels guiding the track.


    Now it fitted. I need to put checker plate over it to cover it from weather and stuff. Just a basic frame tack welded at this stage.


    Slides out to the side so when anex is there we can use it inside that. Might change the design of this as im not happy about the distance from burner to fibreglass. Time will tell. Atleast we have a burner there now.


    Yep its a messy shed.

    Hopefully when i start making the storage frames it will come back to life a bit.

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    Put a nice floor base down and laid some cheap arse lino stuff.


    Started making the basic frame up.

    Front of camper is to the left of the pictures.

    Right side (furthest from pic) is a small area for electrical stuff. Next Fridge then Sink (will raise and lower) then 2 seater which will open up to be storage.
    left side is a 3 seater at the back which opens to be one big storage area.
    left front will be a single seater which is also storage. No frame there yet.



    Front and rear will just be covered with some nice wood as will all the faces you see obviously.
    At the front and rear i also plan to fit soft lighting and all the electrical sockets needed.

    Im no good with wood, never have been. I guess your a wood or a metal man.
    Thankfully thus far only one incorrect cut and no splits or anything like that.
    Drilling, countersinking all holes. Plan to pull it all down once im happy then glue and refit.

    Finally fitting all the tops which will be cushioned seats that lift. Going for maximum storage in a damn small confined area.

    When it all folds up the beds slide over the inside so thats why everything is below that fibreglass top.

    Also plan to make a table there which drops down to make a third bed but thats much later.

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    Not many pics today although i have progressed quite a bit.
    Still working on the damn inside frame.
    I am not skilled with wood/timber at all. Just something i dont have the patients for generally.

    When i started this frame build i winged it and guessed 60 meters of framing timber. I have just about finished all bracing etc and have under 2 meters left.
    When i started i purchased 100 50mm wood screws thinking that would be enough. Have since got another box of 50 and ran out so need a further 50 bringing it too 200 screws. Who know?

    I have to say though. This frame is looking the business. All square and tight even before any backing boards or facing are added which will obviously strengthen a lot more.
    Also yet to fix the framing to the floor which will be the last thing i do once i am 1000% happy with the result. (side effect of winging the whole job, i dont really have a plan of attack)
    The storage space has vastly increased from what it was before. And we also now have quite a bit more room! So i have utilized the area well i think given how small it is.

    I have to look at doing all the wiring now before i advance any further as its all going to be hidden behind the backing boards of the storage area/seats.

    You can see in the first pics how much space was lost due to the crappy fibreglass moulded seats. Little holes in the front to try store stuff.
    The new setup will be top opening storage and no braces so the 3 seater will lift as one, the 2 seater will lift as one etc so storage is maximized.

    The fact i lifted the suspension to get rid of the wheel wells is what really gave me the heap more space.


    I really should start using a decent camera as this thing cant take a good pic at all.

    The camper door will be replaced. Have not even looked at that yet.

    See what i mean the pic looks like i have done very little however there is a lot of hidden work done.

    Gunna be strong as a mallee bull.

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    Have you decided on facing material?
    Timber or formica?
    Gav's just been through this recently.....
    "How long since you've visited The Good Oil?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro_The_Swift View Post
    Have you decided on facing material?
    Timber or formica?
    Gav's just been through this recently.....
    We have been stuck on this very question actually.
    Even considered buying a router and attempting to decorate timber myself.

    I will have to make a decision in the next day or 2 as i plan to purchase then.

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