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Thread: Why are getting wheel bearings correct so hard???

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    Before my wife and I went on our first trip with our old camper I figured a quick check of the wheel bearings was in order as well as a bit of work on the brakes to get them working properly.
    The bearings had a nut and lock nut which was adjusted perfectly. Small problem though. The seals had been fitted incorrectly and all the grease was now on the brake shoes and drum. Now that could have been interesting coming down Mt Hotham to Harrietville...

    Fast forward about three years and when we got our current camper home I decided to adjust the brakes so they'd work properly and figured a quick squint at the bearings wouldn't hurt while I was at it. Bearings far too tight, and negligible grease in them. The grease was guess where... Soaked into the brake shoes because the seals had been fitted incorrectly.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoKym View Post
    WOW!!!! Install the inner spindle nut and torque to 300 ft-lbs. Do not back off the spindle nut.

    I am talking about camper trailer bearings not semi trailer bearings. I'm not sure the wheels will turn with that torque???

    I use the guide on the back of the Timken card the bearings come on.
    I read that you torqued them up to 68 N/m (Step 4) and then backed them off 1/4 turn for 12 and 16 TPI. (Step 5 and 6).
    As I read it the 300ft/lbs was for the pre adjusted type, what ever they are.
    I suppose my point is that on tapered roller bearings you need enough preload, which is why tightening the lock-nut to the nearest notch appeals to me.

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