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Thread: How do my numbers stack up

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    How do my numbers stack up

    If I was in the defer Id be right.

    Max. allowed
    2780 GVM
    1340 Front axle
    1600 Rear axle
    5030 GCM
    250 TBW
    225 TBW (hitch flipped)

    2000 ATM

    4480 Trailer and car (5030)
    1680 trailer hitched to car (2000)
    1960 trailer unhitched from car (2000)
    2740 car only with trailer connected (2780)
    - 1060 front axle (1340)
    - 1680 rear axle (1600)
    2520 car without trailer connected (2780)

    ? 220 or 280 TBW, allowed (225 hitch flipped) grrrr must have noted one weight wrong.

    1000km @ $1.10 towd just nice but sucked plenty of juice.

    Oh, the above weights didnt include driver and passenger and cloths.

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    2740-2520=220 ball weight.
    1960-220=1740 trailer axle.
    I see your 80 over on the rear axle with 280 to spare on the front.
    2 adults with bags @220 will add to the front and slightly to the rear.
    Your very close though, look at things like moving a spare to the front of a roof rack etc to move some weight foward.
    Cheers, Kyle

    The Good Oil.
    When did you last visit?

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