A little bit more done. I've changed the hilux splitties out for 17" hilux steelies. The offset is quite a bit different between the two rims, with the 17's sitting a fair bit further inboard. I don't think the clearances are enough between the tyre and the chassis so will be putting the splitties back on. I do want to run the 17's on the trailer and to save the set of splitties for a future project, I'll have a think about which way I want to approach this though. Safety chain is on, coupling is in place but not bolted down yet, I'll do that after I get the jockey wheel.. hopefully tomorrow! The flip lid, I've added a cross-member into the middle of it to support where the sheets will go, hinges have been welded on (3x). The hinges are HD gate hinges which come in left and right orientations, they've been stripped and combined so they're all the same and fold in a way that allows the top to fold all the way down. They have been welded in so that the top is not removable, hopefully that will save any accidents, injured people and a damaged trailer. In the rear corners I have also cut out the beginnings of light boxes, just 2mm hot rolled that has been cut to width and a 25mm fold in the top. It will get boxed up a bit more a little later and used to brace the wall from flexing around.