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Thread: Basic vs fancy camper trailers

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    Have a look at this site as has a for sale section and also lots of other hints and good stuff

    Welcome to the website home of the Australian CamperTrailers Group since 2001
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    I went through this process last year.
    I just wanted a simple easy to setup hard floor camper with a good bed so I didn't have to pack up everything to go for a drive. I looked at all the chinese campers and wasn't really impressed at the weight for what they had in them. A few people on here suggested a Cub camper but all the ones I looked at or saw on the web were too expensive.

    I ended getting a Cub Daintree like this one except mine is a 2009. I didn't need fridge storage as I have all I need in the 4x4, just wanted to have a nice bed. Another advantage is the tare is only 590kg and atm is 1000kg.

    Good luck with your search.

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    The boss and I looked at campers a few years back, hard floors soft floors hard tops pop tops forward folders side to sides and everything in between

    For us, we figured that we only need a bit of room for storing our kit during the day as we are out and about most of the time, an area to cook and eat under cover if the weather turns and a place to put our head (and the rest of our body) to sleep at night (and a spot for the dog)

    We figured the kids will be in swags before long so we could make do with camping bunks for a couple of years, we try to avoid the wet so soft floor would be fine and as long as the annexe was fully enclosed if it did start to rain we could still cook and eat

    We decided on a Cavalier Camper
    Light weight easy to set up and ticked all our boxes (especially the price box)

    We have been out a fair bit in the past few years and have found it to be adequate for what we needed
    Now the kids are older we need more space for food (and beer) to limit the time needed returning to civilisation for stock so a few mods are on the cards (fridge box and longer drawer bar up front revised kitchen (bigger bbq) and braked axle)

    The Cav has been a beauty for the price and yes a hard floor would be nice but not really needed as you are “camping” and it’s better than a tent

    Think about how much time you will actually be in the camper and how much money you can save (to spend on other things) to make your holidays more enjoyable

    Basic vs fancy camper trailersBasic vs fancy camper trailers
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    So I recently picked up a well used Pioneer Argyle rear fold camper. It was available locally at a reasonably price and looks to be a tough setup. It's been around Australia twice already and it shows, but with a bit of spit and polish it should go around again no worries. I've just started a separate thread with an electrical question about it if you're interested.



    It's got a few interesting modifications that I'm not too sure about but we'll give it a go and see what happens. One of the innovative ideas is the kids bunk has been installed upside down across the back there inside the door. It means you only need to take the cross bar and a couple of pins out and then it folds flat onto the floor. Very simple.

    We're looking forward to plenty of adventures in this. Thanks for your input in helping to decide what to get.

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    All good things...

    Cheers, Dale
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    Plot twist!

    So the whole time I've been looking for a camper trailer I've been set on a Camprite, but they're expensive and rarely come up for sale in the Eastern States, let alone in Tassie. I considered going to WA for one but it was a big ask. Anyway, 3 weeks after buying this Pioneer, the cheapest Camprite I've seen came up for sale in Tassie so I took the Disco in for it's scheduled brake controller fitting and then immediately went to the other side of the island and picked it up. It's older than the Pioneer, but it's in good nick, and it's such a great design and is just as tough as the Pioneer. I'm pretty stoked on it.

    It's a rigmarole and it's taken a lot of effort to pull this off, but I think it's worth it. Hopefully it won't take long to sell the Pioneer. It's a great trailer.

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