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Thread: Our new to us camper

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    Our new to us camper

    OK so the Balance Trailers forward fold has been replaced by an oldie but a goodie. We now have an Outback Campers Sturt.

    We decided that the forward fold camper was too big and too heavy for the places we want to go. Fraser Island, The Gibb River Road, Great Central Road, etc. We took it along the road from Alice Springs to Hermannsburg but the road was serverly degraded and we needed to creep along at about 15 to 20 kph. The people we were travelling with had an Outback Sturt and they had a much more comfortable time of it. We had also decided that although the initial setup was pretty quick putting the annex up, etc. was a major undertaking. Packing up from a full setup was a major undertaking. Finally, the car needed a full gearbox rebuild (Td5 Auto) and there was a lot of money tied up in the camper.

    The search was on for a good Sturt.

    We found one at a good, but not extraordinary, price. It's in great condition apart from the 12V electrics. Wiring was undersized, there was no evidence of any fuses or circuit breakers, the plugs and sockets were old and corroded, the solar regulator had evidence of having let the smoke out, the battery was dead, etc. Because I have had a long relationship with Victron in the past I was able to get my hands on a DCDC charger, an MPPT solar regulator and a 150Ah LiFePo4 battery. The old wiring and what seemed like 400 rolls of insulation tape was stripped out and replaced. The canvas is in brilliant condition and even on our first attempt it is really quick and easy to put up and pack down. Best of all is ATM is only 750kg.

    Of course there is a fly in the ointment which will need to be addressed. The Orac coupling. This thing needs to go and pronto.

    And as pics are mandatory here's a few from the original advert.
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    Outback Campers Sturt

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    I like that style of rear fold tent, i was looking for one before we bought ours but sods law they only come up after you buy something else.
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