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Thread: Land Rover letters

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    Land Rover letters

    I have just had some work completed on the bonnet of my 2011 Defender 90. To respray, the LAND ROVER letters had to be removed and they have been placed back a bit wonky and they don't match the original spacing - it all looks a bit wrong! I now want to remove the letters and put them back on in their original positions. Does anyone know where I can find a template to correctly position the individual letters? I have contacted a couple of suppliers but they only supply a kit with all the letters. I want to use the original letters and just need the spacing template. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Ask someone to go over their letters with a length of greaseproof/opaque paper and a pencil.

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    That's the first time I have heard of a Landy with a problem with its kerning :-)
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    Thanks Philip - pen and paper might be the next option! I was just hoping to get the placement of the letters as accurate to the original as possible. When you realise the spacing is wrong it really does look odd.

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    Did you have the work done by a professional, panel shop, spray painter ? If so, take it back and ask them to re do the letters.
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