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Thread: Puma 130 Prices

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    Puma 130 Prices

    Hi All,

    I am a Perentie 110 owner but am looking at adding a late model 130 Defender to my collection to complete a lap around Australia (when borders open) with my family. We will be towing a 16 foot off road pop top van as well. I am curious to know what others on the forum think would be a fair price for a low kilometre, well maintained example with possible extras like bull bar, winch, driving lights etc?

    I have seen a very nice 2014 example with around 50K on the clock that is currently for sale. It has a host of extras including BAS 170 tune and remap, upgraded intercooler and hoses, UHF, ARB intensity spotlights, light bar on roof, WARN 9500lb winch, dual batteries, bash plates, heavy duty steering arms, catch cvan, rear work lights, fox remote res shocks on each corner, extended bump stops, safari snorkel, long range tank, nugget aftermarket air-box, twin air compressor under seat, Exbox under console wiring, roof rack, awning and a set of genuine bead-lock rims. Sounds pretty impressive and I am sure cost a lot of money to set up!

    I know prices have gone up with the discontinuation of the original Defenders as well as what seems to be a quest for everyone to own a 4WD and see Australia while the international borders are closed to most mere mortals.

    Anyone want to have a stab at putting an estimate on what would be a fair price for the 130 described above? A few images attached below for your reference as well.

    I would be interested to hear from other 130 owners who have recently sold theirs and what price they achieved or are thinking of selling and what price they think they may sell for.

    Looking forward to hearing from knowledgeable Defender owners.

    Regards Warrick.

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    I wouldn't expect much feedback. for several reasons. (i) not many Puma 130's on the market so real life examples of pricing would be limited. (ii) What a seller asks and what he/she ultimately sells it for can be wildly different. Someone that has sold well below their initial asking price might be reluctant to show their hand (saving face). (iii) you will only be getting feedback from private sellers, not dealers.

    There was a MY10 130 (red) for sale not long ago asking $67,000. Was set up for touring. I paid $37k for my MY10 130 in 2013 and i have dropped more than 30k on bringing it to current spec. I wouldn't pay $67k for something that has half the mods mine has.

    It is all wrong to say this but for a touring rig that will be towing, i see better value in a 79 series dual cab. If a coil rear is a deal breaker, fit a Superior Engineering rear diff coil conversion. SE uses a wider housing to match the front diff width. Jmacx used to sell one too. Dantrans sells a dana 60 conversion for the 79 series, wouldn't take much to convert it to coil. comes with 4.5T tow rating upgrade.

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    My MY16 was about 65K on the road and I'm pretty confident I'd get at least 50K for it today with just under 100,000Km on it. There was a stock My 16 in Canberra for sale last year in white and they wanted $65K at the dealer for it.

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    There was a 300tdi 130 with 40,000km and nothing but an alloy bull bar and tray, listed for $40k and its gone after about two weeks.

    So that might give a bit of perspective, though that is a rare find.

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    I had trouble getting a reasonable insurance valuation on my Puma 130. I found that some companys were offering around $28 k as a price guide. I didnt accept this price and insured elsewhere for more than $40K but it is an indication that the high prices may no be around forever.
    I am considering parting with my 2012 130 and i would hope to get $40k + for it with limited accesories. It is hard to value the accesories after they are fitted on the vehicle but if you discount them by 50% and add the base vehicle may get you a realistic price.


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