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Thread: Do I need to drop long range tank on Puma to replace rear ball joint?

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    Do I need to drop long range tank on Puma to replace rear ball joint?

    Hi...The rear suspension ball joint on my 110 needs replacing due to a faulty boot. I know I need to support under chassis, release shockies and lower rear diff to access the ball joint nut on the bracket (that is welded to the diff housing).

    But the depth of the long range fuel tank means I will need to lower even further to access that nut. Hopefully, I won't need to remove the tank as well!

    Has anyone done this on a Puma? Or any thoughts? I haven't started yet, but hope to do in the next week or so.

    Thanks in advance.

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    OK...looks like not too many rear suspension ball joints done on Pumas yet, which stands to reason.

    For those who are interested, this appears to be the quickest and best approach...

    To save removing a lot of components to get access, the easiest way is to shorten a 30mm socket, and machine/grind a decent radius off the drive end. Then it's pretty straight forward with a socket extension.

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    Claw foot socket

    I recently used a set of claw foot sockets to remove bolts that were difficult to access. Sounds similar to your adjustment. My only concern is when cutting out part of a socket it will be weaker and stress fractures generated?
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    While I have done plenty of them, I dont remember what ones had a long range tank. Defender 200tdi, 300tdi, TD5, TDCi are all the same, one must have had a long range tank.
    I'm sure there is a short spanner (as in cut down) in my box for it somewhere, but looks like you have it sorted now!

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