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Thread: New slant on solar :)- Zero

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    New slant on solar :)- Zero

    I have a quote and advise that installing QPRO-260- G3 on my roof flat will be efficient as collection efficiency for flat panels or only 5% or less of tilting on a frame.

    I assume the pannels I am getting are close to or hopefully a little better than Solar Centre: Polycrystalline Silicon, Q CELLS Q.PRO-G3 which are Q.PRO-G3 250.

    It is interesting looking at
    Solar Centre: The Data

    I am putting one system on at work today. I ruled out the flat install after discussions with the installer as a 5-10 south slant to the flat roof would not have helped. I am having one put on at home later this year or early next year. Your thoughts would be appreciated thanks.

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    Installing panels flat is generally a no no. Unless there is around a 5-10 degree tilt all of the dirt that lands on the panel will never wash off. If you check the installation instructions for those modules I imagine the minimum tilt will be listed. QCells are a very good manufacturer, I'm sure you'll be happy with them.
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    Interestingto see the two PV setups I have now one flat and one at 10 degrees.Posting for those interested

    Flat is Qcell 5.30kW,QPRO-265-G4 x 20 and tilted panels at work is Qcell 5.2kw.

    Both had 5.2kw SMA SB5000TL. Work now has a Goodwe ES-HYBRIDand two flow batteries (Zcell).

    Day by day there is not that big a difference prior to changing inverter. Now the Goodwee work set up is giving me much more power daily than home.

    Today Solar PV was 35.7kWh at work and home was 27.76kWh

    I had a look at the all the panels a few weeks ago and the all looked clean. Got me stumped why the inverter change seems to make such a big change to power output.

    I do have a 12 month old SMA
    SB5000TL inverter spare. Consider offers if you might like it.
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    I have a flat 80 watt panel on the roof rack of my Defender which is working just fine at charging the 110ah AGM battery to run the Evakool 35 litre fridge.
    I camped for a week at Christmas and never had a worry.
    Having the panel on an angle is only an advantage if it is pointed at the sun all day, which doesn't happen. For part of the day the panel will not be pointed at the sun and so may be less efficient than if it was flat and still getting some radiation.
    For example, how much of the day does a vehicle spend driving north to get full radiation from an angled panel? For much of the day it will be driving east, south or west and the angled panel will be useless.
    This is why some houses have some panels pointing west for the late afternoon sun and others north for the midday sun.
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