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Thread: Joined the dark side

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    Joined the dark side

    Doing 1200+ ks a week in the D1 v8 is starting to take its toll on the old girl and my wallet.
    So I bought a much more suitable but much less stylish work car.....a hilux, one of my most despised vehicles. Its a 2wd so I don't hate it too much, they are good work utes ill give that to them.
    Its a 99 2.7 ltr, done 330xxx but had the head reconditioned about 10k ago, and some other bits and bobs.
    Very bland, very boring, uncomfortable as hell but it had to be done....not a bad unit..

    Cheers Jim

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    I drive a 2014 version for work.
    Too noisy, as you said, uncomfortable seats, really nice petrol engine and gearbox, crap brakes, chews fuel with the 2.7vvti engine, cops an absolute flogging and keeps going.
    And the apprentice is impressed how well a certain driver can hold big, lurid slides in the wet at any speed, so nicely controllable too with several hundred kg of boxes, tools and spares.

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    I dunno about the keeps going bit .. but I used to drive one at my last workplace too.
    2.7, can't remember the year, doubtful it was VVT or anything that modern.
    Chewed through fuel, had two head gaskets done in the years I worked there.
    Way too undergeared when unloaded, and over geared when loaded (to the hilt).
    And they really need the best tyres when driven unloaded.

    For my $s, I'd much prefer a Rodeo of similar type with a V6.

    '99 D1 300 Tdi Auto

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