Downtime? internet was/is the main problem,, not so much wireless but MB-ethernet definately!

Blew up one video card,,

but as it came out of the brisbane floods and was full of mud when I found it,, I then gamed it until my 1070Ti took over
so I figure it paid its dues,,

and thats it,, both cpu's ( i5 4460 and i5 3470) have run at 100% for 12months, same as the other three vid cards ( Two GTX760's),,, luckily I had a spare AMD R9 to slot in,,

I have 33 million points folding 4668 Work Units, I am not sure how WU's correlate to points,,
Since Christmas all of these WU's have been Covid related,,

and this is where the virus will be beaten, Distributed Computing results that are FREE to EVERYONE researching Covid will fix it,,

whats the worst that your help could do?
cure Covid?

Every PC CPU cycle Counts...