G'Day, Just wondering if it is normal to get ABS & TC faults appearing while driving with the Nanocom cable is plugged into the OBD port? I have a P38 2001 4.6.

Normally the ABS and TC lights flash up every couple of minutes when it is plugged in while there is none of this when it is not plugged in. I did not have this issue before I got the Nanocom. I am suspecting the road speed is being affected as today I noticed the speedo dropped to zero several times and at one point it stayed on zero whilst I was sitting on 80 kph then EAS faulted as a result. The fault was regarding road speed. I cleared the faults, unplugged the cable and drove home with no issues.

Any ideas? Do you reckon I need to clean the OBD plug? Any help would be appreciated.