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Thread: Nanocom unable to read identity from car

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    Hiyas Salty
    You are most welcome for my assistance.

    I did say "almost certainly" in respect of other vehicles using the same tech, as that is of course somewhat theoretical, but non the less all N.A. results with the VIN TOOL on your D3 with the IGN on is just plain wrong and as wierd as heck.

    I gotta tell you that as the designer of your Nanocom Evolution 2, I can't help but wonder and try to imagine what could be wrong to cause this case where you get both busses reported as detected but then no response to any request for VINS.

    I see you have now corrosponded with our support staff and have arranged return of your Nanocom under RMA.

    FYI the first thing after being checked in and documentation added is that ANY and ALL returns are put on my desk.

    So I personally will certainly be watching for and awaiting your Nanocom and will be personally testing the VIN TOOL and more with your Nanocom on my own personal CAN BUS Land Rover etc.

    My hopes are only that i will find something that we can ultimately use to improve our testing process.

    I will of course advise here accordingly, so as not to leave this thread you started un finished

    MD of Blackbox Solutions Ltd.

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    I'm able to post my unit back today. It will be good to find out what's going on.
    I plugged my cheap ELM327 bluetooth OBD reader in today and it was able to read the vehicle VIN and realtime info.



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