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Thread: Mercedes benz experiences unprecedented demand for their new Dual Cab

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    I think the world's defence forces and emergency services would agree that Merc deserve just a tad of credit for knowing how to build tough honest 4WDs (and charge through the teeth for them).
    If you believe what you read there's more differences than similarities between the Merc and the Nissan donor...
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    It seems we are following the American trend of buying lots of trucks. We want rugged, but also lots of comforts. I'm sure LR will cover the trend with the next Defender. LR will want to sell boatloads in the USA and Europe. We are a small market and will have to take what we can get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DazzaTD5 View Post
    Personally for me hell would freeze over before I looked at buying a "work ute" from Merc, VW or any other **** euro trash brand......

    Thats why i run a fleet of Toyota vans.....and some have done upwards of 300 000k,they run fully loaded all day, without an issue,not even touched the brakes.

    I know a few guys who run the European stuff,drama after drama.They are OK for about 100 000k,then they need lots of maintenance,repairs,blah,blah....

    Ours are never off the road,even the services are done by the dealer after hours.

    Service prices are also very reasonable,none of this $200/hr garbage.

    And resale,way above any of the European stuff.

    Just my 2cents worth....

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