I have recently acquired a 2008 Freelander 2 petrol SE i6.. When you go for the first run of the day it takes a while for the AC to kick in.. My guess would be about 5 minutes, consistently.

I haven't timed it exactly, but based on an every-other-day run to the shops it starts getting cold about the same point of the journey every time.

Once it's running it works well so I don't believe there is any problem with temperature sensors or the gas system.

If you leave it parked for a few hours and jump back in, the AC starts to cool straight away.. But leave it overnight and the next day the first time you drive there will be a delay again before things start to cool down.

I don't know what the length of time is you need to leave it.. But "overnight" seems to do the trick.. Lazy, consistent - approx. 5 minutes, before things cool off.

Any idea's or pointers where to look?

I originally thought this might be something by design, but after doing enough research it would appear that's not the case.

Would really appreciate any input..