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Thread: What to expect service-wise...

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    What to expect service-wise...

    Discovery Sport owner here looking for a bit of advice on what items I should expect to need to service as the car gets older. Not many DS owners have got to this point yet as the model hasn't been around that long, but I undestand the mechanicals are the same as the Freelander 2, so I'm hoping you guys can give me a heads up what to expect in the way of major service costs as the car starts to show it's age.

    I have the diesel 2.2 PSE engine, Haldex (think it's generation 5?), ZF 9sp transmission, and DPF. My car is currently 3 years old and has done about 60,000kms. It's mainly used for suburban commuting, but two or three times a year we put a few thousand Ks on it towing a caravan. So far I've had six-monthly oil & filter changes and a new battery, but that's about it. It's just coming out of the 3 year manufacturer warranty but I did buy the extra two years extended warranty.

    I've seen mention of older Freelander 2s needing timing belt replacement, transmission oil change, Haldex oil change, and DPF replacement, so I'm assuming I'll be needing to do these things at some point as well? So, based on the experience with the Freelander 2, could anyone help me out with a quick rundown of what major items need servicing, at what mileage, and rough cost?

    Reason for me asking is I'm planning to semi-retire and go on a lot more long trips with the caravan in tow over the coming few years. Cash will be tight and I want to be prepared ahead of time for major expenditures. But also, I need to make a decision if it's the right car to keep long term, or if it's going to become a burden I might think about replacing it sooner rather than later.

    Many thanks.

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    Basically all of the above, none are too complicated and shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, depending who you find to service it. Belts should last to 240000 but 180 to 200 would be a better idea, not too complicated any a LR or Peugot mechanic should be OK even though some LR guys are a bit funny when it comes to Freelanders, just don't go to dealers. Auto should be done at 40 to 50000 very important same with rear diff and Haldex, prior to gen 4 could be done on car but after that need to remove, Haldex which is a better idea anyway, with Haldex as well as filter change make sure the pump is taken off and gauze filter behind is cleaned as it is the one which seems to clog the most. If you want to get really anal like me, the transfer box oil can also be sucked out and replaced this one is a bit of a test of patience though! This may sound like a lot but no more than any other 4WD. Don't go by LR schedule as they don't seem to want you to service anything just buy another car every few years instead. We are on our second FL2 this one has 150000Km and has been trouble free, we are also semi retired and use it to tow a 13' poptop around a lot. The biggest hassle are all the different and expensive oil's you need. PS for haldex parts Volvo are a better bet as they unlike LR recommend that they are serviced. Hope this helps. Just ask if you do not understand anything.

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