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Thread: Freelander 2 starting issues

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    Freelander 2 starting issues

    Hi all, thanks for allowing me to join, appreciated.
    I have a 2013 Freelander 2 diesel auto, she recently developed an erratic starting issue. When I press the start button, the guages do their thing but she doesn't start. So, I keep my foot on the brake & shift the gearshift up & down & when it gets to Neutral, she starts. Just wondering if anyone else has had this & what is the remedy?
    Kind regards

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    Hi, noticed you never got any answers, thought you my be a bit lonley, hopefully got problem fixed. Not sure myself but most autos have a position sensor to start in park. Faulty on yours? Problem is FL 2's don't really have many problems barring rear diff and Land Rover's rather optimistic service schedule, so not many posts get put on. If you look back to threads can get an idea on proper service schedules. If you see this we are quite friendly.

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    Could also be starter solenoid contacts have become worn/corroded. What mileage have you done?
    I had to mine on a 2009 model at about 180k.

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