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Thread: Grey Nomads employment, on the road

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    Grey Nomads employment, on the road

    Doing the big lap? want to earn some cash whilst doing it? look here, Bob
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    also try Work about Australia, i have come across alot of grey nomades who use this site, good thing is that they arrange the work beofr e they get there and generally get free camp site.

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    Also check out

    If you are mechanically bent and can use a welder there are some interesting farm care-taking jobs around out in the bush.

    Came across a couple on our "Lap" with a 5th wheeler and a van with tools who did some fascinating work out on country farms. He was a diesel mechanic and she good with animals.

    Check out the example Older Workers - - Caretaker/ Small farm - Find jobs for older workers, mature age workers and grey nomads across Australia
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