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Thread: Youtube has made me do it!!

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    Youtube has made me do it!!

    During lockdown here in the UK I've been watching some videos of offroading in Austraila and it's got me thinking that this is something we want to give a go sometime next year.

    We've tentatively enquired at shipping my own truck over for a couple of weeks, and we are basically after any information as to what we need to be able to drive it in Australia.

    The area we are thinking of visiting is around Victoria as the shipping will take us into Melbourne, whilst the truck is shipped over in a container we will fly to arrive the day before the truck. If anybody could shed any light on permits or any info I will need to help to make life easier it will be much appreciated.

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    Hi John, welcome to the site. If you plan to tour the high country, make sure itís between September and May as many of the best tracks are closed through winter.
    Anyhow, you wonít be disappointed.
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    Shipping for only a couple of weeks......?

    I have read customs be be a hold up, and you my eat into your couple of weeks with delays at the port. If your only planning a shout stay than maybe let an agent run the whole process and you fly in once cleared customs.

    Iím sure there would be Melbourne based member that also could assist. If it was into Brisbane I would happily assist.

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    Eh up John

    In terms of permits, I assume it'd be similar to elsewhere in the world, in that you'd need to have it registered/insured in your home country and then organise a travel carnet (these usually last a year I think) for it. This is essentially an insurance policy that states you won't be dumping your car at the end of your travels and will be taking it home with you. As such, I think a carnet is pretty exxy.

    As already mentioned, customs may be a sticking point. The bio security laws in Oz are pretty thorough when it comes to requiring imported cars, particularly 4WDs, cleaned. If yours needs cleaning, it will be at your expense, but at the time/whim of customs, so expect this to eat into a few days of your 2 weeks.

    Although based in Brisbane, EDI international will be able to give you the ins and outs of importing into Melbourne if you still want to investigate.

    Check out Going Bush's link, they also do tours so you'll get info of places to go at the same time as checking out the cost of hiring!

    Edit: I've just checked out the costs from the link - hiring from them for 2 weeks is about half the cost of shipping one-way to Oz!

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    IMHO the biggest barrier is the cleaning required by Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.(known as AQIS)

    If your car is even a few years old it will have extensive dust and seeds etc if you have toured or even greenlaned.

    AQIS demands that the car be absolutely clean down to the top of the fuel tank etc etc. They often demand thorough cleaning be done again on arrival. This is one reason why we don't have lots of noxious weeds and things like rabies in Australia. ( although we have quite a few rabbits and some imported noxious weeds like Bitou bush and Lantana))

    The bloke who came over last year from LRO ran out of time to have his Defender properly cleaned in UK and had to borrow the Disco "Challenger" from SA.

    I would love to have my D2 shipped over to UK and and do Morocco etc but the difficulty in getting it back into Australia dissuades me.

    From what I read , split second timing of arrival etc rarely works.
    Hire a 4WD in Australia.
    Regards PhilipA

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    I'd also be willing to be that so long as you were willing to take out your own insurance if you were only coming for a couple of weeks there might be any number of people on the forum who might be in a position to be encouraged to lend you their vehicles for a short while.

    With the crono thing importing is going to be on a tight lock and key however the first place to throw an eye is here

    Importing a motor vehicle

    its a pretty comprehensive listing of what you have to go through, not all of it will be applicable as you're not planning on keeping the vehicle here but its a good starting point.

    these guys can help out further.

    Car Shipping & Import to Australia

    more info

    Taking my vehicle overseas - Australian Automobile Association

    Temporary imports

    good luck.

    oh dont forget you'll need an overseas driver licence thing as well if its going to be an extended or repeated stay, Cant recall what the minimums are though.

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    Figure out the cost of shipping, and compare to the cost of buying one here locally too.
    Disco 1's and 2s are very cheap down here and a half decent one can be got easily.
    If you're not doing too many klms in total, the V8s are cheaper than Tdi's and TD5s.

    There's plenty of help here in Melb from forum members, all you need do is ask.

    Can't recall the exact year, maybe 2010 or so, my brother did a Euro holiday with his wife+two kids(about 8 and 6 at the time).
    Organised a 3 series Beemer diesel and caravan in the UK(on the net), worked his way to collect it while family toured London for a few hours .. etc.

    Didn't have a lot of problems(battery and cruise control, from memory) and did any stuff he had too backyard style, at the caravan parks they stayed at.
    Drove across many countries in Europe, again can't recall exactly all of them, but he said about 10K klms or so.

    All up, cost him about 2 or 3 thousand pounds for the car and van, then just dumped it. Still cost him far less for the two months than to use public transport + accomodation .. etc.

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    Arrange a Carnet well in advance.
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    whats the car net for? to sling it from the ship or tie it down to the ground?

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