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Thread: 7,000 truckies to go on strike?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RANDLOVER View Post
    I can see how truckies can earn more than a uni qualified teacher, as they do have a lot of BSc experience........... Behind Steering Column.
    Truckkies can earn more because unlike teachers they work in a high risk industry, they do 12+ hrs a day and they work more than 9 months a year
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    So everyone’s happy then? Why are the truckers going on strike again?

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    For every truckie earning $100,000, there are ten living from week to week.
    A significant percentage of employers, not only in the transport industry, adopt the attitude of "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen".
    How many employees or owner drivers are trapped in underpaid jobs, that they can't afford to leave.
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    Unless you work in an industry with a standardized national wage structure it is difficult to compare wages

    In the UK they will tell you a large burger chains pays 17k and a HGV driver 24k. Yet I have friends who do both these jobs and the burger chain pays better and does not require nights away sleeping in a truck. Am sure you could find other groups who would tell you the opposite. For comparison the average wage in England if you subtract London is 21k

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