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Thread: Jaguar Land Rover appoints new Aus marketing director

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saulman1010 View Post
    Bring on a "poverty pack" version of the new deefer!
    Start with a vinyl floor, cloth seats etc. Just enough abs, srs etc to satisfy regulations. One of those wireless music things, ohh and a reverse camera. (That one I CAN see the use)

    I'm in the que for one. - A full fat RR buyer who knows I will never afford and doesn't actualy desire the latest in that line of RR models.

    Only way I will stay with LR products.

    I not one of the "extreme" (geeze I hate that word) 4x4 nuts, I just need 4x4 availability for camping and towing but expect road manners and a cruiser in the same vehicle.

    Too much tech in vehicles today.
    No, no, no, you want vinyl seats too, so that you can just hose it out, not sure that the abs, srs, etc would like that though.
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    Not hard to IP6X all those components, it would just cost like $1 in total per car but we can't let that happen say the accountants who run the show when it should be the engineers that get the final say...

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