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Yeah, ours mops brilliantly - particularly with the 'pro mop' attachment we bought for it - it actually agitates as it goes so does a really good job - as good as I can do with a mop myself without really scrubbing. I was talking about a waxing function.

Here's a video of the mop - note that I don't ask ours to clean up bird **** and dried cranberry juice like he did here, so not asking as much as he is obviously. Maybe it's just me but I'd clean any messes up like this if/as they happened and not let them dry on the floor in the first place.

Typical ... I miss read his question .... me half read stuff ... never

Yours sounds like the wash function is much better than the one here. I guess I should try it someday. With 5people in the house with lockdown, its sure not going to be in the near future though Putting metho in with the water would probalby help a lot with cleaning and drying .... who knows what effect that would have on the machines plastics though!