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Thread: D3 key

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    I wanted to carry my spare fob key in the car in case I lost the main one when away some where. I went to a locksmith and asked them to just cut me a new key blade so that if I lost a fob I could gain access through the passenger door to use the spare one.

    Most of the locksmiths did not carry blanks and did not want to do the the job but I did find a "industrial" locksmith who carried blanks and was able to cut it - works fine if a bit expensive.

    None of the locksmiths actually had LR replacement fobs (with electronics and transponder) and advised to buy genuine $$$$$$$$


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    Quote Originally Posted by eddy View Post
    1. Key blade is not as the same shape, width, thickness as a LR needs.

    The key fob purchased through Ebay has worked well,easily programmed using Nanocom but the blank was too soft to be cut in the 'specialised' machine.
    Resolved by using the Ford key blank HU101.
    +1 here....when I had mine cut they also just used a Ford blank which I then fitted to the LR eBay Fob.

    Bought 2 so far off eBay - lock smith cuts key and then I program myself. One transponder I dropped onto the pavement and it stopped working. Glad it wasn’t an OEM fob I dropped....

    When I buy I just look for a local seller who has good reviews. Any probs you know they will help sort.

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