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Thread: Buying my first Disco

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    Buying my first Disco

    Hi Guys,

    Im new to the forum so hopefully im doing this right.

    I come from a family who have had Range rovers for years but they dont know anything about them at all.

    Currently i have a high powered Wagon and a beat up but reliable 4x4 ute for my toys and weekend which im wanting to consolidate as the 2 insurances, regos etc are annoying.

    I am not a heavy 4wd guy i like taking my dirt bike to state forrest and the odd vic high country ride. I have a 2.5tonne boat i tow as well 4-5 times a year.

    I love the Disco 4 look than the newer ones but To be honest people tell me LR isnt the most reliable brand.

    I have seen a few 2015 Disco 4's with around 50k kms on it for $50kish and 2017 disco 5 with 40-50kms around $70k. Also i have seen the 2l 4cyl models for sub $70k now for base model

    What are they like at this age and what $$ am i up for on repairs on these cars with these kms (i know fairly low).

    Sorry for the general message but i am very nervous buying these european cars without warranty and the airbag suspension expenses i have heard and really pricey!!

    Any help would be great.

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    I did over a weeks worth of solid research before looking to buy a D4 three years ago. I was particularly concerned with the sorts of things that could go wrong in remote or rugged places as I expected the D4 to go everywhere my previous Landrovers have gone (although I was quite prepared to forego ridiculously deep river crossings). I've maintained my Landrovers for over 40 years and intended to do all my own servicing on the D4 (which I subsequently have done). I've had no mechanical issues and the car has run like a clock, but I hate to think what it would have cost me to have others service it and install all the accessories.
    But I can't advise you. Personally, I wouldn't have a D4 (to take to remote places on my own) if I couldn't understand how it works and be able to repair or bypass problems. But that's just me.
    What I would advise you to do is to search through this forum for threads regarding choosing the right car for you.
    Start with these relatively recent ones.
    Newbie - Disco 4 pre-purchase advice...
    What D4 to go for?
    Out with an old D3 and in with a 'new' D4, advice welcome (and needed)
    Discovery 4 purchase
    The D4 is a brilliant vehicle. It's sublime on a trip, great around town and supurb in the bush. Pre-Covid I regularly had to travel to Sydney. I much preferred driving the D4 than flying.
    Good luck.
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    1966 Army engineering trailer
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    I would stick with looking at D4 models with under 100k on the clock and check their service history. Find and Indy repair shop in Sydney if you don't want to do the servicing yourself. I do all the A services and the Indy does the B and any other the major stuff.

    A lot of the threads on this forum are about problems but that's not a bad thing. This place has a vast amount of intelligence you can learn from and don't be fooled by the Japanese manufacturers marketing that you can get their brand serviced anywhere. The remote places usually don't know anything about electronics that all the modern cars have.

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    My female friend drove my D4 on the weekend. Mine’s nearly 280,000km old and has worn out control arm bushes. She said how lovely, comfortable and enjoyable it was to drive, which did surprise me as she was coming from an Audi Q7.

    They are a beautiful drive.
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    The D4 8 speed is the pick of them all inc the D5s IMHO.

    Better still if diesel issues worry you..EGR... DPF..turbos..dodgy air filters etc..and such concern applies to just about all modern diesel engines plus rip off fuel pricing...get a petrol engine like I did.

    Best car I've ever owned by a country mile and soo cheap for what you get. Yes resale is crap but this one will see me out😃

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    After 7 years in a '05 D3, I bought a '15 D4 with 80k on the clock 12 months ago. I haven't had any issues at all in this time. NB: I did a transmission flush for preventative maintenance a few months ago.

    I wouldn't pay much attention to the reliability comments. It's a bit of the standard stuff from the Land Cruiser crew (my brother included) but the D3 and D4 are pretty reliable. Also, don't read to much into the number/content of threads on here regarding reliability. Generally we only post when something goes wrong. Most of the time we are all driving around without problems. The forum however, is an amazing source of knowledge and assistance.

    You are going to need to consider standard consumable parts like brakes and lower control arms but with 50k on the clock that should be some time away. Having said that, it seems to depend on the car and the driving as some seem to last longer than others.

    For what you are going to do with it, the D4 is a fantastic car.
    BR David

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    I bought a D4 SE, MY 2015, 8 speed auto in May 2018 and like you was a bit nervous about what might befall me in repair costs if it was a lemon. I had always liked them. Had 130,000 km on the clock then and its now coming up to 200,000 kms. It turned out to be a good car and my wife and I really love to drive it. Its great for long trips and can tackle bad roads.

    Sure, its had lower control arms replaced, oil a few times in the intercooler to be removed, and new brake disks, a rear tail gate motor went (fixed that myself), a left door motor. But any 2nd hand car of that age will likely have some problems over the years. That's why its good that you have joined this forum as you will have seen the good advice that available here.

    I'm certainly very happy that I got my D4. Best wishes in looking around. As always get an inspection on one and take it on a careful test drive, testing everything.

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    If you're paying $50K - $70K for a late D4 or early D5 then it should come with some form of warranty. A D5 would have a factory warranty at that age, or be eligible for an official extended one.

    We bought a 2014 D4 for mid-$70k with about 50k kms three years ago and one of our criteria was a warranty. That's because although I understood from research that the D4s were reliable it was the most I'd paid for a car and I wanted the backup. As it happens we've had three years without issues, only problem was a failed door actuator just out of warranty. I'm relaxed about that because it's no more issues than I've had with any of my Mazdas or Hondas. With the difference being that the D4 is wildly more capable than any of our old cars : we did Melbourne to Dubbo with three kids in one day and my wife commented afterwards that it was effortless and non-tiring - very quiet, lots of space, good suspension, effortless torque and overtaking power and it also got 10l/100km. Our D4's overall fuel economy is actually less than our CR-V's average fuel economy ....
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    Thanks guys

    Really helps.

    I think i am sold on the D4.

    Love the box look and sticking around the 50k kms mark.

    I would love a british racing green one however none around in those kms. Are there any places that wrap them that are pretty close to making it look like original paint job?

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