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Thread: rated recovery points for 2004 Range Rover

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    I've been snatched and winched by the front recovery point several times without issue in sand and mud. For the rear I use a recovery point fitted into the factory Tow Bar holder, and have snatch recovered others with this.

    When I bought my then new 2008 RRS, I noticed the same "only for road use" legalese in the owners manual and wrote to Land Rover Australia before I took it off road in the first 3 months of ownership as I didn't ant to void warranty. They forwarded me details by email from their technical department of the load ratings and recovery use using 'energy rope' (as they called it) for the RRS.. I still have the email somewhere in my inbox. I haven't chased the L322 specs but with some confidence assumed the same here that its safe for off road recovery...
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    So what load rating did they give the RRS?

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    +1 I'd love to see this. D3 and RRS structure in this area is, I believe, identical so should be rated similarly. I thought the D3 was rated to 6t?
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