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Thread: Drivetrain question – ratios for SD4 vs SDV6

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    Drivetrain question – ratios for SD4 vs SDV6

    Does anybody know if, and if so how, the D5 drivetrain accommodates the different rev ranges and power/torque curves for the two very different engines it supports?

    Obviously some of it is about shift mapping, but is there a place in the gearbox, the transfer case or the diffs where the physical cogs are different to support higher revs on the 4-cylinder version?
    2010 Discovery 4 3.0 TDV6 SE
    BFG KO2 265/60/18 on Tuff Ant wheels
    Front Runner Slimline II full size rack

    MY16 Discovery Sport SE SD4 (2.2) 5+2 seats
    Eibach lift springs, General Grabber AT 255/55R18

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    I looked into this when looking at the D5, they didn’t have the SDV6 at the time but the SD4 has a 3.31 diff and the TDV6 3.21 (not much difference) this gives about 1500 rpm at 100 kph. My source of info is automobile catalog ShieldSquare Block I checked info on SDV6 discovery and said still has 3.21 diff but Range Rover Sport has 2.73 diff (1200 rpm at 100 kph) a road test would indicate which is fitted. The SD4 pulls that gearing easily and requires less revs on the road than any cars I have owned (2.7 D3, 1HZ Toyota, TDI 200 D1) holds top gear better than D3 even though it had lower gearing OK it won’t be as good as SDV6 but you don’t need to rev it . Not sure what the reduction of 500 to 430 nm torque of the new SD4 would have.

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