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Thread: New Defender Pricing

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    Quote Originally Posted by 87County View Post
    Looks like I'm stuck with my 1980s 110s - I'm not unhappy

    I don't think I'd cope with dealer/warranty servicing & bs anyway
    You are correct there,and i add, not just the horrific workmanship,but also the ridiculous overpricing of everything.

    It is the worst part of buying a new LR,and i have done it 5 times🙃

    Subsequently none ever went back for servicing to the dealers,only warranty work.

    Just to add,i run a fleet of Toyota service vans,which go to the dealer for all services.No problems with them at all.

    D4 MY12 white,2.7(with a few more killer wasps) rear air,e diff,xenons,arb bar,7 seat ,18" bfg KO2

    2009 Defender 110 (son's)ARB
    bar,snorkle,rocksliders,rack,KM2's,BAS chip, always needs a wash

    '56 S1,been in the family since...'56

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    Well, ultimately that is the problem: either no dealerships or crappy ones, so it doesn't even matter if they built some world-beating 4WD as there would be nowhere to buy one or to get it fixed. The whole situation is such a farce it would make quite a good satirical TV show.
    At any given point in time, somewhere in the world someone is working on a Land-Rover.

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    Back to the OP...

    If the next Defender is anything like the just released G Professional Wagon and priced in the $60-80K range, it will be hard to beat. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

    The G Professional Wagon looks fantastic, but it's $110K. A capable Disco 5 is $90K+ A 70 series Land Cruiser is $70K+

    ...2018 is fast approaching, but still no Defender news. Must be something soon!

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    just looking at the price of disco's, the td4 starts at approx $74k, the sd4 at $81k and the td6 at $89k. so the defender will probably do with the td4 engine to keep costs down? not sure how much the air susp option is, but it can't be cheap so coil springs will probably be standard? defender will need to start at $50-60k to be competitive, which is still more than hilux et al.

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    old defenders are in the $50k-$60k price now.

    there is no new Land Rover on the market for $60k now.

    be realistic about pricing a new Defender.

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    Ranger Wildtrack - $68,888
    Amarok V6 Ultimate - $76300
    Hilux SR5 - $61319
    Navara ST-X - $61058

    Prices taken from a quick browse on Carsales at new vehicles once you eliminate the few over the top entries.

    I would bet that the new Defender would follow the market leader and pitch it's mainstream model at somewhere around the $70K point. LR are a premium brand and for that I would expect a better level of fit and finish than the Ranger Wildtrack. Whether they release a poverty pack I don't know but I doubt you will see much reduction in price for a "fleet" model as that isn't where the sweet spot is in the market and looking at the Discovery pricing it pans out like this:
    TD4 S - $82264 - Povo Pack
    TD6 S - $90855 - Povo Pack V6
    SD4 SE - $96440 - Midrange 4Cyl
    TD6 SE - $99,990 - Midrange V6

    Not much in the above for a deep discount for a low end model, lets look at the Ranger market which makes an interesting comparison:

    Wildtrack - $68,888
    XLT, Midrange model - $64521
    XL 4x4 3.2 5 cyl - $38,880, interestingly the 2.2 motor seems to be hard to find but I don't think LR would see much point in competing in the $40K space

    Interesting to note where the demand sits in the ute market, the most individual new car ads are for the XLT midrange model and the next highest number of ads is for the Wildtrack at 881.

    Ford have a 25K difference in price between the midrange and the base model. LR have a $14K difference between the 4 cyl and $9100 between the 6cyl models. I reckon the Defender is much more likely to follow the Disco pricing model and chase the cashed up tradie market with the Defender with a $65K starting price up to $100K for one with all the fruit.

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