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Thread: Going Topless in a 2a

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    Smile Going Topless in a 2a

    Hey guys

    As my 62 2a SWB approaches rego I was wondering Post Blue slip and rego (its a SWB Hardtop ) is it legal in NSW to remove the Top and drive around Topless? Wouldnt think of doing it till next summer is chilling up out this way and wouldnt be fun in the snow .

    Also is it possible to get a cab only roof and have as a ute ? If so any ideas where i can get a cab roof ?

    Thanks Guys

    PS I think I am becoming addicted to Landy;s

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    G'day All, Yes it is legal to drive without a top soft/hard, I have several ex-mil vehicles and some of them do not have a top or doors, they are on club rego, but if you want to drive around topless go for it, cheers Dennis

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    Register it without the roof as it's a removable item. In NSW the RTA would probably then describe it as a ute which means that you can go with or without the truck cab or hard top. In the same way that a cabriolet can go without the roof.

    A 1962 doesn't have to have seat belts, so if they are fitted into the hard top, remove them completely, (although I would always suggest that you should fit at least lap belts, but preferably three point belts,) if the examiner asks, suggest that they were not in the vehicle when you purchased it.

    You can acquire a truck cab from all the usual places, wreckers, ebay, other enthusiasts, the AuLRO markets and the tradingpost online.

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    Take the hardtop off, take the door tops off, take out seatbelts, make sure you have rear seats fitted (4 bolts) so it can registered as a 7 seater, then you are covered for any future needs/wants in relation to seating and cab arrangements.
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